Approach to Weight Loss

The way I look at weight, and approach weight management, is in terms of habits.  We have all heard the phrase “we are creatures of habit”, and most of us can relate to the meaning of the phrase.   So, what does this have to do with weight management? If we are all "creatures of habit", wouldn’t it make sense that if we increased our weight loss habits and minimize our weight gain habits we would lose weight?  Clearly that is the case, but we all know that this is easier said than done. However, I believe that if we approach weight loss systematically, by making small changes in our habits, we are more likely to keep weight off than if we make major sacrifices (i.e. eliminating carbs).
Let me explain myself in terms of ice cream:
Let’s say that one of the habits contributing to your weight gain is that you eat ice cream right out of the container.  This is such a mindless activity for you, that the next thing you know half of the container is gone. In order to make a small change in this behavior, you could make a habit of dishing up an appropriate portion, and eating it out of a bowl.  This small change could potentially save you 300 or more calories.
Now that we have saved a few calories, lets take a deeper look at this scenario.  Perhaps the buying of the ice cream in the first place is the bad habit that needs to be addressed. When you are out of milk, you buy it.  When you are out of eggs, you buy them. When you are out of ice cream, you buy it.  So try NOT buying it. This will be hard at first, but after a few weeks the habit will be broken and you hopefully will have replaced it with one of the healthier habits listed throughout this blog.

Not a fan of ice cream?  Let’s talk about the gym.

Maybe you have noticed how much easier it is to go to the gym once you have been going regularly for several weeks.  This is because you’ve made it a habit.  Going on your morning run is almost involuntary. It is just what you do.  On the other hand, maybe you’ve found it really hard to get back to the gym when you’ve taken a week off for vacation. This is because you have temporarily broken the habit.  
In this blog I will share with you both the bad habits that I have broken, and the good habits that I made in order to lose weight, and sustain that weight loss.  I believe that this approach of making a large number of small changes is realistic and sustainable.
If we can change our habits, we can change our lives.
Best of luck on your journey.