Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Healthy Living Resource

I need to apologize to you.  Between our move to California in July, and the general craziness of summer, I have not been posting healthy recipes to my blog as promised.  It isn’t that I haven’t been cooking.  You know that I believe cooking is fundamental in weight loss and maintenance.  It is just that I forget to do things like take photos, pay attention to how much of a spice I am adding, and/or note precise baking times.  It is my mission this Fall to improve upon these things, and get some recipes posted!

For now, I have started a Habitual Weight Loss pinboard on If you are not familiar with Pinterest, it is a website that allows you to organize and share interesting things that you find on the web.  I find it especially useful for finding and indexing healthy recipes.  On the Habitual Weight Loss pinboard, I will be adding links to healthy recipes that are in my regular recipe rotation.  I rarely make recipes exactly as written, but these will give you a good idea as to what I am eating at home.

In addition to recipes, I will be including links to fitness resources. Since moving to San Diego, I have yet to join a gym. Instead, I have been running a lot, as well as doing workouts in my home.  I spend a great deal of time researching and performing different exercise routines, and I think Pinterest will be a good way for me to share some of those with you.

If you are already a member of Pinterest, you can “follow” me at:  If you are not a member, I really do suggest that you join.  Even if you don’t follow me, it is a great way to organize all of the information you find on the web.  It is easy to sign up, and it’s free!

Let me know what you think of my site, and if there are any particular pinboards you would like me to create.  Also, let me know if you are on Pinterest, so that I can follow you as well :).

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fear of Regaining Weight

I have been in two serious car accidents.  Before the accidents I was fearless.  Traffic, snow, speed...none of it scared me. Since my accidents I am much more cautious, and am even afraid to drive in certain conditions.  In a weird way, a similar thing occurred with my weight loss.  When I was overweight, I never thought about what went in my mouth. Cookies, nachos, fast food...none of it scared me.  Whereas immediately after my weight loss, just the word “cookie” was enough to send me into nervous sweats.  It was like weight loss induced some sort of post-traumatic stress disorder, where being overweight was the trauma that kept recurring in my mind.

These symptoms appear to be fairly common among those of us who have experienced large amounts of weight loss.   It is really a sad story: we realize that we need to change, educate ourselves, turn our lives around, feel great, and then suddenly become overwhelmed with the fear that it is all going to disappear.  We think we are going to eat that second cookie and suddenly our bodies are going to start ballooning out like Aunt Marge’s in Harry Potter.

It took me a long time to realize that that just isn’t going to happen.  There will be no ballooning in my future.  Yes, I know that the majority of people that lose weight gain it back, but I did not lose weight in the same way as the majority of people.  I didn’t crash diet, give myself insane restrictions, or develop an unsustainable exercise routine.  Most importantly, I am not the same person that I was 6 years ago.  In my weight loss journey I did not just change my weight, but my lifestyle and outlook on life.

If you follow my blog (or looked at the “Approach to Weight Loss” section), you know that I believe in a type of weight loss that involves making small changes in habits over time.  It is really more of a lifestyle transformation plan that results in weight loss, than a weight loss plan.  For example, I used  to shop in the middle sections of the grocery store that are full of calorie high/nutrient poor foods. Now, I completely skip those sections and buy things like produce which are calorie poor/nutrient rich. I don’t do this consciously, I do it naturally, because over time I have remodeled the way that I eat.

I have developed confidence in myself, but I am not saying that I never feel the fear of weight gain anymore. My former life will always be with me in the back of my mind. But in the end, I know that I have changed, and no cookie is going to take that away from me.  I hope that you will, or already do, feel the same about your own weight loss.