Thursday, February 9, 2012

For the Love of Health

I have heard a lot of discussion at the gym recently involving Valentine’s Day.  Most of the talk involves women complaining about their husbands buying them boxes of rich truffles every year when they are trying so hard to diet.  One woman told me that she is trying to lose 1.5 pounds per week except, “of course”, during Valentine’s Day week.  I can understand where all of this association with calories and Valentine’s Day comes from (considering that as I was writing this I got a Valentine’s Day e-mail from a cupcake company), but I assure you that the association can easily be broken.

I LOVE Valentine’s Day and I am not going to ruin it by telling you that the only way to celebrate is by eating steamed vegetables. I am, however, going to suggest that you consider making a few modifications to your Valentine’s Day routine.  My past routine involved going out for a multi-course meal of incredibly rich food, a lot of wine, and an equally rich dessert. As good as this sounds, a four course meal does not make anyone feel particularly sexy, and going out to dinner is not much of a bonding Valentine’s Day adventure.

Now I try to think of fun, unique and healthy ways to celebrate with the one I love!  So skip the rich dinner and opt for one of these suggestions:

-Get a couples massage.  Many spas will be offering special packages/discounts throughout the month.

-If you live on a coast, go shellfishing.  Oysters are one of those quintessential Valentine’s Day treats, so why not go on an adventure with your sweetie and catch them yourselves.  End the day by cooking up your bounty.

-Go snowshoeing.  What could be more romantic than being alone in the woods with the one you love.

-Cook up these Individual Chocolate Souffle Cakes.  They taste super indulgent, but only have 152 calories!

-Buy a small bar of good quality dark chocolate(70%+ cocoa)when you are together at the store before Valentine’s Day.  Put it away to share on Valentine’s Day.  This might keep him from buying you that box of rich chocolate truffles.

-Many cities host Valentine’s Day 5k running events (i.e. the Valentine’s Day Dash in Seattle and San Francisco).  Enter one of these events as a team.

-Plan a romantic ski weekend.

-Have a sushi rolling party for two.  If you don’t know how to make sushi, take a class together at a local specialty foods store.

-Skip the chocolate martini (~350 calories) and opt for a glass of champagne (~100 calories)

Hopefully this gives you some ideas, enjoy your day!

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