Thursday, January 26, 2012

Running Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

When I first started my weight loss mission I had absolutely no idea where to begin.  My health and fitness knowledge was pretty slim, which is probably why I gained the weight in the first place.  In order to find a starting point, I began observing people whom I believed to be fit and healthy.  I watched what they did and tried to adopt their habits (this is something that I still do today).  One thing I noticed right away was that many of the people whom I was observing were runners.  

I have to admit that running sounded about as good to me as getting hit in the head, but I was willing to try anything in order to lose weight.  So I strapped on my running shoes that I hadn’t used since high school gym class, and went for my first run. I think I only made it a few blocks, but it was something, and that counted.  I found that running fit with my busy lifestyle because I could do it anytime and anywhere.  So, I started going on miniature runs whenever I could.  

After about five years, I can now say that I actually like running.  More than anything though, I can say that it is one of the exercises that gives me the most “bang for my buck”.  When I want to lose a few pounds quickly, I add running into my routine. A few months before my wedding I began running with my fiance. Sure enough, I dropped the extra weight in a few weeks.

Currently, I am in the routine of running for an hour two times per week.  I mix this in with other cardio exercises and strength training. It took me a long time before I was able to run for an hour. I started with 10 minute runs and then moved up in five minute time blocks. At around 30 minutes I realized I could probably go further than I thought,and jumped up to about 45 minutes.  Training will be different for everyone, make sure to listen to your body!

Here are some of the reasons I think running is a great habit to get into:

  • I burn about 600 calories/hour (find out how much you can burn here)
  • It is something that you can do almost anywhere (even on vacation)
  • It is a good activity to do with friends
  • It is a quick, easy way to get in a workout (just walk out your front door)
  • It is a good way to explore new neighborhoods/trails
  • Running promotes healthy eating (you can’t run with a cheeseburger in your stomach)
  • There are so many ways to change it up
    • Indoor vs outdoor
    • Interval training (best for calorie burning)
    • Hills vs flat
    • Trails vs street
  • It can be addictive (which makes it a great activity for maintaining weight loss)
  • It boasts your energy
  • It is easy to see and track your progress (which can be fun and motivating)
  • Community running events are plentiful and fun
If you are new to running, it will be very hard at first.  Do not give up, I promise that the rewards will be worth it! Schedule running into your weekly routine, and make sure you are running regularly.  

Hopefully, after a while, you will find that you enjoy running as much as I do!


  1. Hi Jocelyn, my name is Claire, I live in Nairobi, Kenya and have been struggling with my weight for quite a few years now, mostly due to lack of total commitment on my part.. I've recently embarked on a new journey in my life and a real commitment is part of it. Ur blog is going a long way in keeping me motivated and I'm enjoying the helpful tips and recipes.. Thanks and keep it Up!

    1. Hi Claire,

      Thank you so much for the kind words! I am very happy to hear of your new commitment to being healthy. It is hard to admit that we need to make changes in our lifestyle and I am proud that you have made that important step. If you need any help in your journey please let me know.

      All the best,